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Brinkmann Outdoor Living ™

Smoke'N Pit Electric Smoker & Grill

Model # 810-5290-E

This item is not currently available for sale through Parts, accessories, and support can be found on the tabs below. Please contact Brinkmann customer service for further information or with any questions.

There is no description for this item.
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Brinkmann Outdoor Living ™

Smoker Cover - Vinyl

Model # 812-3321-0

Usually Ships Within 5-7 Days


6 Parts Listed Below

Brinkmann Outdoor Living ™

Bolt Bag

Model # 150-5301-0

Estimated Availability Date: 03/17/2015


Brinkmann Outdoor Living ™

Cooking Grid (Diameter = 15 1/2")

Model # 115-0003-0

Important Product Details
Important Note: Before you order your Replacement Cooking Grid, please measure the Grid you are looking to replace and compare the sizes to the model number you are looking to purchase. Depending upon the model of your grill, it is possible that you might need to order a combination of sizes. All Cooking Grids are measured in inches.
  • Dimensions: Diameter = 15 1/2"
  • Sold separately
Usually Ships Within 5-7 Days


Brinkmann Outdoor Living ™

Electric Heating Element

Model # 116-7000-0

Estimated Availability Date: 03/01/2015


Brinkmann Outdoor Living ™

Handle Bracket

Model # 450-7506-0

Usually Ships Within 5-7 Days


Brinkmann Outdoor Living ™

Lava Rock Pan

Model # 450-7010-0

Usually Ships Within 5-7 Days


Brinkmann Outdoor Living ™

Water Pan

Model # 114-0004-0

Usually Ships Within 5-7 Days


For warranty information on LightStar products please visit our product website For other products please call Customer Service at (800)468-5252.

The online warranty process is currently not available for this product.  Please go to the Customer Service > Warranty Parts section and use the Warranty Parts Request form to complete your warranty request. 

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